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Premium Quality Products

Full Spectrum Blended CBD

100mg/mL CBD bountiful benefits

The team at Valor Craft has created a line of CBD products with multiple benefits.

Our premium CBD oil benefits the person taking CBD with a full-spectrum oil that is rich in multiple terpenes. CBD is taken by many to help ease anxiety, improve focus and calm their minds to sleep better. This full-spectrum oil is concentrated to 100mg of CBD per dropper(ml) to deliver the full entourage effect.

The benefits are also shared with others. 50% of the profits from the sale of all Valor Craft CBD products are donated to Sierra Delta, a charity helping Veterans own and train service dogs to help them reengage in everyday life. Check out this amazing organization. Sierra Delta

Premium Quality Products

THC-Free CBD Oil

50mg/mL T-Free CBD Oil

Sometimes you want the benefits of CBD, but you need an oil without any THC.

There are some of us who prefer or need an oil with no THC*, and for us there’s the Valor Craft T-Free oil. This premium broad-spectrum oil imported from Jamaica is grown using organic farming practices and the highest processing standards.

*The free claim means that analysis has shown no detection at the most sensitive practical analytical limit available (typically 0.01%)

Premium Quality Products

K9 CBD For Our Furry Friends

33mg/mL Blended CBD Oil

We believe life is better with dogs. Sierra Delta is one of the great organizations that highlights how life is better with dogs. We have a CBD oil to help your dog live their best life too.

Studies suggest that CBD can be helpful for dogs with anxiety, digestion issues and help curb arthritis and joint pain. Our oil is grown and processed using organic practices and comes with a full independent third-party certificate of analysis for every batch.

Our premium CBD oil is 2018 Farm Bill compliant and contains less than 0.3% THC. As always, 50% of the profits from each Valor Craft CBD product sold is donated to Sierra Delta to support their programs.

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